Are you unhappy with your body and weight?

One size doesn't fit all but one style can. You will lose fat when you follow  our lifestyle program.

Everyone who succeeds at fat loss and happiness 
for the long term 
follows a particular formula: 

Stop Dieting. Start Living. 
Stop counting calories.
Start caring about
your body & health.

You'll find your best body and happiest life has been waiting for you to own it and be it. Right now.

 What comes with the program?

We want you to overcome your challenges and succeed and so we've loaded this program up with so much good stuff!

Follow us to your best body. We guarantee you'll lose weight and we're going to help you go to the bank with it.

               Look At All The Goodies You Get: 

  1. THE BODYReDESIGN FAT LOSS GUIDELINES: There is a formula for fat loss that's customizable and works 100% of the time. And don't worry it's not a diet and doesn't include counting calories or deprivation. Get access to our signature program and find out how you can get started losing weight today.
  2. THE SECRET TO SUCCESS: This is where we spill our secret for fat loss success. It didn't just work for us. Hundreds of our clients have followed it to lose weight successfully too.
  3. OUR BODYReDESIGN RECIPE BOOKWe've got you covered with over 70 recipes designed for fast fat loss. They also happen to be delicious and seriously simple to chef up, so don't worry if you're not an expert in the kitchen. Neither are we, so it was important for us to keep it simple.    
  4. 5 WEEKS OF GUIDED SUPPORT INCLUDING MENUS & GROCERY LISTS FOLLOWING THE ISAGENIX 30 DAY SYSTEM™ This is a guided program for fast fat loss and offers you everything BRD has to offer combined with the Isagenix™ 30 day system. Experience fat loss on an epic level and catapult your life into owning your time and making money from your own journey of fat loss. This program is on an application only basis. If you're interested connect with us today.
  5.  FOUR SIMPLE TO FOLLOW WORKOUT VIDEOS: These workout videos may be short & simple but you're gonna feel it. Our HIIT sessions are gut busters and will get you in shape fast and furiously.  We include printouts for the 4 video workouts, so you can take them with you wherever you go, even if you don't have access to a computer +  you'll get 2 fun sheets to help you design your own seriously simple workouts.
  6. LOSE WEIGHT ON THE GO: A guide for success while traveling and eating out.
  7. PRIVATE ACCESS TO RAH & LISA: We want you to succeed in your body goals and we're also here to help you launch your own wellness business. The Isagenix™ products are high quality and align with our program. We'll personally teach you how to use them for your own fat loss and take it to the next level helping others lose fat and achieve the body they've always wanted with our program and the Isagenix ™ products. Imagine losing fat while earning income, with total integrity. It's possible. Apply for our coaching program today!              

Does it work?

 Here's what other BODYReDESIGNERS have said:   

LP carrie"I love that the five week challenge can be a jump start but that the reality of the program is to change your life not just your body."

lp kendra  "I took away some simple, tasty recipes from the program but the best part about it was the foundation it laid for a healthy eating life style."

lp heidi "It works! There's no magic potion or tricks- just do what the program prescribes and you'll start feeling better an seeing the results almost immediately."

Is BRD right for me? I've tried every diet & nothing works!

This program isn’t for everyone. It's a lifestyle program not a diet so if you're locked into complaining about your lack of time and blaming your genetics for being stuck in your weight, it won’t be a good fit for you. You need to be ready to change your life to succeed with us. However, if you're willing to take 100% responsibility and make your health a priority hop on board right now. We can't wait to cheer you on through the process!